La Tortuga

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T. 055.362598
This is our official neighborhood dive where we go to at least once a week when we have forgotten to cook something for ourselves or just too dang tired. Don’t be put off by the bright neon lights and the 2 television sets usually showing the football matches, or the 70’s decor (even though they only just redecorated last year). The food there is actually excellent. In fact, I can only recall one bad meal there in all the years I’ve been going, but have long forgiven them! I highly recommend the fish, especially the fish pasta dishes. Amazingly their presentation is worthy of any Michelin star restaurant, but the prices match their neighborhood atmosphere. If you want to really go down and dirty, have a pizza. It is also one of the best pizzas in town.
It is a family run business and every so often a new member of staff shows up. It is always a cousin or a nephew or a niece and they are just as friendly as the rest of the family. They even have their down-syndrome brother helping out in the kitchen and that gets brownie points in our book!
Their prices are very reasonable and once they get to know you as a “regular” a hefty discount is always applied. I cannot reccommend this place enough!
(reviewed by Nina)

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