American Salads

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Welcome to American Salad Co. – your one-stop shop for all those great tastes of home. From hummus to potato salad, from tzaziki to coleslaw, we can satisfy all your cravings and even turn you on to some new ones!

In fact, that’s how American Salad Co. started: from two ex-pats (one American, one British) who occasionally missed eating a variety of flavors. Luckily, both being big “foodies” – in fact, one is a professional chef – they have teamed up to recreate their favorite deli salads and more.

Although missing the foods they grew up with, both are proud to live in such a lovely place as Tuscany, where good food is plentiful and the center of attention. It’s this same attention that American Salad Co. pays when choosing only seasonal, wholesome and mostly local produce. All our egg and poultry products come from free-range chickens only and if the ingredients are out of season, we won’t make it! We have basically combined the good-food practices of Tuscany with the tastes of America to provide the most genuine and fresh deli salads, dips, spreads and dishes just like Mama, Nana or Bubbe used to make.

We are also confident that even the most discerning Italian palette will love our salads. Many of our dishes, especially the variety of hummus, have traceable references to our local Tuscan and Italian surroundings. This is the true taste of America – a mixture of many cultures and a combination of many flavors; flavors found locally, but combined globally.

American Salad Co.

American Salad Co. Tuscan goodness. American taste.
“Because sometimes pappa al pomodoro ain’t gonna cut the mustard.”©

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