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Paula Carrier

Paula Carrier, executive chef

Paula Carrier

Paula, a native of Liverpool, UK, has a background in fine arts and had worked as an editor for the BBC before moving on for her Masters in Conservation Management. After working for a few years as a conservation officer in Devon, she opened her own farmers’ market shop specializing in local produce only as well as a range of her own homemade deli specialties. She is also co-founder of the Slow Food movement in Devon.

Since moving to Italy in 2004, she has worked as a chef for various restaurants, hotels and caterers before starting her own catering company, Odyssey, which specializes in foods from around the world.

American Salad Co. was a natural step for Paula whose passion in the kitchen and love for the multi-ethinic tastes she grew up with has helped her stand out in local culinary circles.

Nina Peci

Nina Peci, marketing manager

Nina Peci

Nina, originally from San Diego, California, has lived in Italy since 1988. So, she knows a bit about cravings! As much as she loves Tuscan food, “sometimes pappa al pomodoro just ain’t gonna cut the mustard!

Although her background is in advertising and graphic design, she is quite good in the kitchen and has spent many years trying to recreate the foods she loves, but not necessarily found in Italy. After so many dinner guests (Italians included) asked “where they could buy this”, she got the idea to start American Salad Co. and offer all her homemade specialties to everyone.

When she met Paula she knew she had met the perfect partner. Paula’s expertise and creativity in the kitchen, as well as her similar cravings for foods from around the world, were the catalyst for making American Salad Co. a reality.

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