Soup season is upon us

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December 13, 2012 by americansaladco

2-soup-163o1ovBrrr! The chilly winter season is upon us. Winter is drawing it’s dark grey duvet over us. It’s time to snuggle up and keep warm and dream of summer destinations and nice big bowl of scrumptious, comforting homemade soup.

Few foods evoke such a strong emotion as a good bowl of soup. Sure, there are great meals out there which you crave and fancy from time to time. But soup, well soup is your friend. A soft blanket to wrap around your tummy. A comforter for when you’re ill or cold or alone. It’s there when you need it most.

There are some many varieties it is impossible to say you don’t like soup. From a rich, creamy, smooth one to a fine consommé; from a chunky, thick, veggie one to an elegant Bouillabaisse; from a thousand different types of chowder to Borscht; from a meaty Hungarian Goulash to a vegetarian Moroccan Harira. There is no limit and no country boundaries. They can be extraordinarily simple or exotically extravagant.

However, perhaps more importantly, they are incredibly healthy – a great way to get veggies down meat devotees throats without them realizing it!

Here at the American Salad Co. we look forward to winter as Paula loves making soups. (And finally the kitchen is less than 50°c!) Her mother was instrumental in her love of cooking and every winter they would nestle themselves in the kitchen, while her father was away on business and come up with new and wonderful ways of using up the leftovers.


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